Hyundai Warranty

The HYUNDAI AUTO CANADA New Car Limited Warranty covers the items listed for 60 months or 100,000 KM (whichever comes first) from the warranty registration date.

What is covered by the warranty:

All original items that are defective in material or workmanship used under normal conditions provided that normal maintenance has been performed on the car, except for items specifically warranted in another section of the HYUNDAI AUTO CANADA WARRANTY Corp.

What is not covered:

The following scenarios are not covered unless otherwise specified in the HYUNDAI AUTO CANADA CORP policy or coverage. : Normal maintenance service:

  • Including checks, tightening, adjustment, engine tune-up, fuel system adjustment, toe-in and wheel balancing, cleaning, lubrication, oil change, headlight adjustment and tire rotation, as well as refueling, engine oil, transaxle fluid, brake fluid, clutch fluid, power steering fluid, antifreeze fluid, windshield washer fluid, air conditioner refrigerant, headlight steering and tire rotation.
  • Normal replacement of service items: Including spark plugs, wiper blades, fuses, worn brake and clutch linings, filters, bulbs, belts, tires, hoses, metal utensils and other similar consumables.
  • Any vehicle that has been scrapped and for which a salvage certificate has been issued
  • Any damage or failure resulting from the following causes: Neglect of the proper maintenance operations described in the owner's manual and this service passport. Misuse, accident, theft or fire. Use of parts other than genuine HYUNDAI parts. Improper modification, alteration or repair. Device or accessory installed by parties other than HYUNDAI. Deterioration of rubber parts, trim and upholstery under normal use and exposure. Minor irregularities not recognized as reducing the quality or function of the vehicle, such as slight noises or slight vibrations, or elements considered characteristic of the vehicle. P
  • pneumatics
  • Consequential damages: For example, fuel, telephone, travel and accommodation costs, as well as inconvenience, business and/or personal loss and loss of use of the vehicle are not covered.

Owner Responsibilities

  • Proper use, maintenance and care of your vehicle in accordance with the instructions contained in this booklet and in the owner's manual.
  • Aluminum is subject to corrosion due to environmental conditions (Pay special attention to aluminum alloy wheels in winter. If you drive on salty roads, clean the wheels thoroughly afterwards).
  • Keeping a log of maintenance services. You may be asked to show proof that the required maintenance has been carried out.
  • Return the vehicle during normal business hours to an authorized HYUNDAI dealer for warranty service.
  • Check for any appearance defect in the exterior trim, paint or other at the time of delivery of the new vehicle. Care and maintenance of a working odometer, so that the total distance traveled can be easily determined.
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